The World’s Most Adorable Algae : Marimo

i AGREE! It really is the worlds most adorable algae!

Wild Heart With A Soft Spot

I am a plant murderer. It’s not something I’m proud of. It is simply something I’ve been forced to accept about myself, that despite my best efforts not to be, I am a plant serial killer. No matter how many times I try, the poor little things wilt into oblivion under my care. The only plant that has survived my care, so far, is a cactus. Pathetic, I know!

Despite this however, I love them! You may have noticed I took quite a few photos of flowers in Furano, and I always enjoy being surrounded by nature when I’m hiking, I just am a terrible owner.

Thanks to this love of plants Day 3 of my road trip brought me to the beautiful Lake Akan. IMG_1013

Lake Akan is a beautiful crater lake in the Akan National Park in the eastern area of Hokkaido.  What drew me here was something very…

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