What exactly is a Japanese Marimo moss ball?

Marimo (まりも), also known as Cladophora ball, or moss balls, is a rare form of green algae, found in some of the lakes in the northern hemisphere. They are known for their green velvety round shapes. Dr. Anton E. Sauter first discovered them in 1823 in Lake Zeller, Austria. Japanese marimo moss ball is a round green spherical ball of algae that grows in Lake Akan Japan. This mysterious and beautiful fuzzy green ball of algae immediately caught my attention when doing a search for terrariums for fathers day last year. The moment I ordered my first marimo I knew they were awesome! They are super easy to care for and require minimal light and cold water! They look beautiful standing alone or in a tank with some fish. The marimo is now considered Japans national treasure and is highly regarded as a love and good luck plant to many!ImageImagemoss 



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