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Summer Living — What to do with your beach shells

love the sand dollars!

Enjoyed some time on the beach?

I love shelling along the beaches shore and come home with amazing shells, but get stomped at what to do with them.   They are a clear reminder of the relaxing and amazing family time we spent together.  Here’s a little tribute I keep close to my desk to remind me of the perfect summer we had!

S  E  R  E  N  I  T  Y

Inside of Terrarium

Come home with a variety of seashells, grab a hurricane bowl, your shells, and some sand (preferably from your vacation) and craft a “serenity” corner for yourself.

What fun crafts have you created with your seashells?

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love those sea urchins!

East or West, Home is Best

Terrarium’s have been around for years, but recently their popularity has grown and I’ve been seeing them in lots of home and gift stores. Terrarium’s give you the chance to design your own rainforest or desert housed in a glass vessel that is small enough to hold in your hands. They require little maintenance and are perfect for people who love plants but have little garden space or none at all.
Here’s some examples I’ve found…






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